I'm a programmer with talent in C++ and Java - I specialize in high-level class design, refactoring, and the controversial art of template metaprogramming. I develop software extensions for the Clickteam Community, as well as my own projects and group projects with the cplusplus.com community. Most of my work is unlicensed in the public domain.

I'm still learning HTML and CSS, so as you can see this website is nowhere near as stunning as my code.

I have a lot of files related to Clickteam Fusion 2.x here, such as examples, screenshots, etc. (See also: RickyRombo's stuff)


I've written some articles on programming in my free time when I felt the passion to write. Here's a list:

Oh, and this was just for fun.

Contact / Social

Trying to contact me? Send an email to me, LB, at my website (though without the 'www.' part). Make sure to include my nickname but not my website name in the subject.

I also frequent the cplusplus.com forums - you can try to PM me there if you prefer.

I don't use Facebook or Twitter, but I do use Google+ - I am +NicholasLBBraden, or +LBStuff-LB (the latter being tied to my YouTube account).

I do have Skype, but I don't like using it and prefer Google+ Hangouts. I use Skype in extreme cases where other forms of communication are out of the question.

I'm also trying out Ricochet - my ID is ricochet:ejj3rbweozpuwlac

Did you know that it's hard to get two-letter usernames? The number of underscores in my Twitch account is absurd!


If you appreciate any work I have done that has benefited you in some way, you may donate:

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