I'm a programmer with talent in C++ and Java - I specialize in high-level class design, refactoring, and the controversial art of template metaprogramming. I develop software extensions for the Clickteam Community, as well as my own projects and group projects with the cplusplus.com community.

I'm still learning HTML and CSS, so as you can see this website is nowhere near as stunning as my code.

I have a lot of files related to Clickteam Fusion 2.x here, such as examples, screenshots, etc.


I've written some articles on programming in my free time when I felt the passion to write. Here's a list:

Oh, and this was just for fun.


Trying to contact me? Send an email to me, LB, at my website (though without the 'www.' part). Make sure to include my nickname but not my website name in the subject.

If you appreciate any work I have done that has benefited you in some way, you may donate: